The overwhelming majority of career and brokerage companies have abandoned the continual training of producers on Income Protection products, concepts and ideas. As a result, producers are shying away from discussing these critical products with their clients because of a lack of understanding and a fear of not appearing knowledgeable.

The D.I. Coach was created by Chris Carlson to fill this void. Chris’ belief is that on-going education and coaching is what producers need to understand the products and concepts, and thereby gain the confidence to approach both prospects and clients about the need for income protection.

Chris began his insurance career as a Brokerage Consultant with Provident Life and Accident in 1984. After working with Provident as a Consultant, District Manager and Branch Manager, he formed his own Independent Disability Insurance Marketing Organization in 1995.

Chris’ organization eventually became the D.I. sales office for Ascensus Insurance Services. When Ascensus was purchased by BISYS, he became the National Sales Manager for the BISYS D.I. Center.

In 2003, Chris joined ACTG as a Sales Development Coach, specializing in working with Salespeople and Sales Managers within the financial services industry.

In 2013, Chris formed The D.I. Coach. He combines his extensive knowledge of the D.I. industry with his coaching expertise to provide a truly unique perspective in the coaching of producers.






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