In order to sell Disability Insurance, you must have the Belief that it is important.  The way you display that Belief is by owning Disability Insurance on yourself.

Flood Insurance


Nobody ever thinks thinks they will suffer a loss.  But unfortunately, bad things happen to good people.

The Napkin Advisor


Four years after its initial release, The Napkin Advisor is still helping producers increase their D.I. sales!

Don't forget to check out the latest episodes of The D.I. Guys Podcast.

2021 D.I. Sales Results from LIMRA


Here are some observations from the 2021 LIMRA Disability Income Sales Results.

Predictions For 2022


In this edition of Monday Morning D.I. Java, I review my thoughts from last January and make my predictions for the D.I. Industry in 2022.

LIMRA Results For Q2 - 2021


Here are some thoughts regarding the information from the latest results from LIMRA.



We focus way too much attention on the "Best" policy and not enough time on talking about Income Protection.

Help Those Employees Who Want To Help Themselves


Here are some ideas for encouraging employers to offer incentives to employees to buy an Individual D.I. policy.

Salary Continuation Planning


Talking about Salary Continuation Planning will create numerous opportunities in the multi-life market.


Disability Insurance Awareness Month


In this Java, Chris talks about the 2 things you must do during Disability Insurance Awareness Month.

Make sure you listen to The D.I. Coach Podcast during the month of May.  Chris will be interviewing the giants of the D.I. Industry.

Also, make sure you check out the D.I. Guys podcast.


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